Artist - printmaker - portrait  painter

I have been an artist all my life.  To help put a finer point on my abilities I attended the Art Center College of Design in Southern California just after high school.  Upon graduating in 1956, I was drafted into the U.S. Navy.  During my tour of duty I saw many ports in Southeast Asia and Japan.  This was my first experience outside of the U. S. and it awakened me to the vast variety of life styles and images.

New York City was my next big move where I spent 10+ years as a commercial artist, the career I had long sought to follow since high school.  I also found myself back in the military through the back door as a member of the San Francisco Society of Illustrators Air Force Art Program.  This program in which I created paintings now in the collection of the Air Force and Pentagon afforded me some of my most memorable experiences as an artist and as an avid fan of aeronautics.

Fast forward to the present day, my wife and I live in San Rafael where my studio is also situated.  For the last 50 years I have been a freelance artist.  My work as such includes everything from architectural drafts to lettering to illustrations for magazine covers to portraiture.  In 1992 I turned my interests to printmaking, mezzotint in particular.  Recently, I was commissioned to do an oil painting to represent the first meeting of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery with the Native American Sioux along the Missouri River.  I also work in watercolor and teach the occasional watercolor class.  

Besides my art, I keep myself entertained with building model airplanes, both glider and motor-powered designs.  At night, I take out my telescope and look at the stars and planets.  I am a certified instructor of Scottish Country Dance which has been not only a great source of exercise, but is a wonderful way of meeting people from all walks of life...including my wife Carol!